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FALL 2018 Western & English Today 13 Schulte to Bühne highlights the com- pany's "Space" and "Metallic" lines as the current popular favorites for four-legged wearers. e products are aptly named for their shine, and range from horse bell boots and protection boots to spurs and more, all in matching metallic colors. For eques- trians, HKM offers a denim breeches line called "Miss Blink," which is high-waisted and equipped with an Alos seat. "ey come in kids' sizes starting at 8 to 9 and go up to an adult size U.S. 42. Due to the higher back they are very comfortable to wear even in the bigger sizes," Schulte to Bühne explains. "ere are three different colors in the regular breeches and also a bootcut version." Speaking of boots, HKM's Valencia rid- ing boot is available in seven shapes, and is coming out with a fourth color offering this fall. e boots accommodate varying calf sizes with elastic insets and a zipper for added width. "Consumers seem to be very pleased with the variety of products in our range," Schulte to Bühne says. "ere's something for everybody and any budget at good qual- ity." hkmsport.de

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