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16 Western & English Today FALL 2018 performance as well as hyper-focusing on sell-through and "healthy" reorderables on a weekly (instead of monthly) basis, all of which helps keep cost of goods in line and inventory "tight and right." "It's a win-win for us and the wholesaler because obviously we'll be placing more reorders," she says. And, she's also enjoying en- hanced product naming and information. With manual entry in the past, a shirt might have been described as a "blue shirt," whereas now it is a "cap-sleeve blue shirt with peach trim and two tassels." is, Anderson says, makes her website more robust. "People are shopping the web before they come in and shop your store," she says. "Our product is web-enabled and web-ready before it is even unpacked because of Product FastLane. And new arrivals — to be able to announce that and mean it — that's the age we're living in today." productfastlane.com Wholesalers Escape Product Data Overdrive V endors and wholesalers use Product FastLane as a "central data repository" that helps them avoid becoming bogged down in data, says Dan Caro, Whereoware's senior director of product management. Instead of tracking product information on multiple spreadsheets — one for each retail channel — vendors and wholesalers log in to their Product FastLane dashboard and add product information and images individually or upload fi les with extensive data. They can also select a specifi c product or group of products and edit corresponding information, in- cluding the product name, pricing for various channels, specs, and description. A change to a product's information has to be made just once, no matter how many channels it will be sent to. Users then have the ability to schedule automated exports so that Product FastLane sends the most up-to-date specifi ed product information and images to the vendors' websites and catalogs, as well as third parties like online retailers. And it will format the data according to what each marketplace requires. "Nobody has to press any buttons to make this happen," says Caro. "It's a huge time-savings tool." OTHER BENEFITS FOR WHOLESALERS INCLUDE THE ABILITY TO: Keep some product information private from retailers and other channels Deactivate certain products so that they remain in the system but are not sent to third parties Group products into projects (like all products sold at a specifi c online store or all bedding products) Do mass updates of multiple products Receive alerts on which products are missing an image Auto-generate data templates by copying and pasting a header row from Excel Give varying levels of access to employees and allow multiple people to work in the platform at the same time Track all imports, exports, and user activity Automatically back up data on a daily basis Monthly pricing for wholesalers ranges from $375 to $4,000 depending on a variety of factors, such as the number of products, number of users and export templates, amount of media storage, and need to provide a retailer portal. More information is available at productfastlane.com. PHOTOGRAPHY: COURTESY WHEREOWARE

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