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30 Western & English Today FALL 2018 New boots for Fall 2018 www.smokyboots.com 3872 3871 3873 3874 AUDIENCE SIZE: e total number of friends and followers an influencer has. AUDIENCE REACH: e total number of friends and followers who actually see the content an influencer shares. PERCENTAGE REACH: e percentage of the influencer's total friends and followers who actually see the content they share. AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: e total number of friends and followers who are compelled to interact with the content. Depending on the platform, this could be a like, love, comment, share, link-click, etc. ENGAGEMENT REACH: e percentage of total friends and followers who interact with the content. SOCIAL PROOF: Identifying indicators of social proof is important because it suggests an influencer's credibility as someone who yields normative social influence. Look for indicators of social proof in comments and direct messages where friends and followers are asking for additional information, affirming they will or have made a purchase, and thanking the influencer. Once you've made a connection with an influencer (or three!) that you're excited to work with, it's time to settle on a strategy. As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish. A strategy turns wishes into goals. An effective strategy turns goals into results. Hope is not a strategy. You on board? Having an intentional strategy from the beginning will ensure you have a far less stressful partnership experience. You'll know what you want to achieve, how you're go- ing to achieve it, and if you've achieved it when it's all said and done. When draing your influencer marketing strategy, you'll want to focus on two core concepts: (1) the specific objective of the campaign, and (2) the roles of the people involved. You won't know if you've had a successful partnership if you haven't defined the outcome you want to achieve. Influencer partnerships are particularly effective at help- ing to build brand awareness, promote new products or specific product sales, and drive digital traffic. Choosing a single objective that is specific and measurable will keep you and your influencer partners accountable as well as provide clear direction for your potential customer. ere are three people entering into this new relationship: your brand, the influencer you're working with, and the audience. Each of these people has a role to play. As the brand, you want to position yourself as the solution, goal, or prize for your influencer's audience. e influencer serves as a trusted bestie providing sincere advice and direc- tion, guiding the audience to you. e audience, your potential customers, becomes the hero of the tale, taking action and increasing business. e final stage is to outline the logistics of your strategy, such as the time frame you'll be working within this partnership, the type of content that will be created, the number and frequency of posts, and which platforms will be engaged. Get all these details down in writing so there's no confusion about expectations. Most importantly, don't feel overwhelmed or intimidated. At the root of your influ- encer marketing efforts, you're meeting new people who are excited to get to know you and support your business. influencers you are interested in working with and their audiences as well. Review their numbers and basic insights. Scroll through at least the past few months of their content. At this juncture, when things are changing so much across platforms, there really is no hard and fast rule for determining if a person is a "good influencer." Here are a few indicators of influence to consider as a whole:

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