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16 Western & English Today B efore establishing his own self-titled la- bel, Kelly Herd got his start in jewelry aer college, when his mother asked him to help launch her line of equestrian inspired designs. Now he has more than 30 years of experience in the business and an industry renowned line of high-end equestrian, re- ligious, and classic jewelry that is not only elegant but also offered at affordable price points. e jeweler's collection has been so successful and grown so extensively, in fact, that it's become more and more difficult for retailers to keep up. To find a way to help his retailers, Herd has turned to BrandNexity, an e-commerce consulting firm with an innovative outlook on digital marketing that was launched last year aer years of experience in retail and the equestrian industry. BrandNexity, president and CEO Chris- tine Duggan is also the founder of Eques- trian Collections, which she introduced in 2001 as the first equestrian e-commerce site and long-tail JIT business model in the in- dustry. It now showcases the entire collec- tions of more than 400 brands. "BrandNexity was formed this year but from a partnership that goes back for years," says Duggan. "We started in e-commerce back in the 1990s. So, we take from all of that expertise — mainly in the equestrian industry but also in e-commerce in general, but more through the lens of equestrian companies such as Kelly's. With Kelly, he has a wonderful line of jewelry, and he wanted to have the ability to really showcase it in the way that he wanted to and be in control of that, and at the same time use that so his retailers can really showcase his extensive collection." BrandNexity's solution: an interactive digital kiosk — which Herd and the com- pany will be unveiling in person at the Janu- ary WESA market in Denver — that better serves both retailers and consumers. "For stores that don't carry more than 100 specific pieces of our collection, and we have 500 have in our total collection," Herd says, "it really brings our entire collection of jewelry to that retailer. e customer can come up, and they can say, 'Hey I see this on the screen, but I don't see it in the jewelry case.' And they can actually place an or- der there on the screen. e order will go to the store, and I will be notified that the store has taken an order. It brings a higher profitability to the retailer. I think it can be ap- pealing to customers that would walk in the door, and it's very appealing to the retailers because they don't have to stock the entire line but they also don't have to miss a sale. Plus, if customers come in looking for something they may have seen somewhere else, like in a magazine, they can, in fact, run the order through, so I'm not missing that opportunity of a sale either." e kiosks also ensure that stores are first to see the latest inventory, and they can be custom programmed to best serve the needs of each retailer. "e kiosk will talk to the main database every night," Duggan says. "Or it can, if that is what the retailer wants. If they want just a small selection of designs, that's fine. If they want the whole lot on it, it will continuously update as we update. It can be programmed in any way." "Retailers can go through a back door and see what's new," Herd adds, "and when they are running low on something they have in stock, they can also go to the kiosks and reorder." is is certainly a WESA attraction you won't want to miss. "We had a so opening of it at AETA back in August and every store that stopped there wanted one," Herd says. And all you have to do to get one is carry Kelly Herd jewelry. "It's like its no cost to the INDUSTRY NEWS Leader of the Herd In collaboration with BrandNexity, Kelly Herd is introducing new tech to better serve his retailers — and he'll be unveiling it at the Denver WESA market. By Holly Henderson retailer, or minimal cost to the retailer, they just have to have a certain amount in stock," Duggan says. "Kelly is providing them to re- tailers as a value add." "It brings an efficiency to a store and helps them increase their probability," Herd says. "Retailers aren't stuck with things that don't prove popular and they then have to discount just to get them out of their inven- tory. ey have to buy in a certain dollars' worth amount of jewelry, but this makes them turn their numbers so much quicker." "e truth of the matter is, we're not cre- ating new technology — it's been out there," he says. "We are just bringing it to a market that has traditionally been sort of hesitant to move progressively forward."

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