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industry news Justin Boots, Justin Original workboots Amp up u.s. Manufacturing ÒOh well, oh well, I feel so good today, We just touched ground on an international runway Jet-propelled back home from overseas to the USA Ó Ñ Chuck Berry, 1959 F ast-forward, and Berry could Be crooning aBout Justin Boots and Justin original workBoots today: In the past year alone, Justin and JOW have increased their domestic manufacturing by a whopping 27.3 percent, matching their 27.3 percent increase in U.S. production from 2011 to 2012. From 2009 to 2010 and from 2010 to 2011, the two Justin boot companies also brought back double-digit percentages of their manufacturing from overseas. 1 Americans employed by Justin Brands new machine 10 years – the average experience of our bootmakers made per day in our American factories 6446 stores carry our Handcrafted in the USA boots 37% of our western boot sales come from Handcrafted in the USA boots 175+ Missouri factories 10,000,000 leather and linings cut in our American factories in 2012 Texas factory And across America, this sound business decision also has a very human beneft. Bill Hembree gets up at 3 a.m. every morning. The peaceful predawn is his quiet time to refect and sip cofee before heading out to work at Justin Boots in Cassville, Mo. "My family — they're real important to me," Hembree says. "A good job, you know, is important, and Justin's always made sure we had a good job here. I've worked here for the Justin Boot Company for 23 years. And working at the Justin factory is about putting a good quality product out there for American people to buy." Steve Gripka has worked for Justin for 29 years. Karen Atnip, too, has been with Justin for almost 30 years. And Dewayne Day says, "I've been around as long as the light fxtures have." Jeremiah Raver, Linda Rusk, Dan Smith, Augusto Herrarte, Luis Villegas, Stacie Reed, Pat Aldridge are also part of Justin's workforce and heritage. 34 Western & English Today Maine factory of workboot sales come from Handcrafted in the USA boots what it takes to make our boots: shipping of Justin western boots made here increased by 120 100% 12 ft Handcrafted in the USA styles 1 25% more jobs 1 20 1 since 2009 yd pair 134 years of bootmaking 8 domestic collections These individuals may represent a mere handful of Justin's employees, but unanimously, the 800-plus American Justin factory workers — both long-timers and new hires — have a message for their U.S. customers: "Thank You." While the two single-syllable words may seem "nice," but inevitably simple and meaningless, this is not the case for these workers. Their message reaches a grander scale. Justin Boots and Justin Original Workboots, two of Justin Brands' shining stars, began this "Thank You" campaign to inform the American public that Justin is bringing manufacturing back to the United States from China, ofering new jobs here at home. "Western boots are all about history and tradition," says Louis Russo, brand manager for Justin Boots. "We've been making boots in the U.S. since 1879. That's a powerful story to tell. And we are bringing an extent of our manufacturing back from China. But it's

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