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6 Western & English Today LATE SPRING 2015 PUBLISHER'S forum Are You Keeping Up? A H, MODERN LIFE. … JUST WHEN YOU GET THE HANG OF the social media du jour, the hordes start f ocking to the "next new thing." T ese days, the only thing constant is change. And our industry has certainly seen its fair share of change, which is why we are once again f elding our State of the Industry Survey, so that you can measure how your store stacks up — not only from your competitors in your same town, but across the country and online. When we publish the State of the Industry Report in the Summer 2015 issue, you will be able to see how your store compares with others in a variety of dif erent ways, including number of employees and how they are paid (salary/hourly vs. commission), square footage of stores, annual gross sales, whether wholesale orders are places by phone, fax or via manufacturers' websites, best performing categories and seasonality of sales, among many other categories. We will also present an executive summary with comparisons of how these market forces have changed since we last f elded the survey, which was two years ago. But we need your help to make this as accurate as it possibly can be. We will email a link to the online survey — which shouldn't take more than f ve or 10 minutes for you to complete — to all of the retailers in our database who have a current email address. T e more of you that take the opportunity to participate, the better and more reliable our data will be. You will receive an email containing a link to the survey. T e link can only be accessed through your email address, so that we can be conf dent that it will not be forwarded. T e survey itself does not capture your name and is 100 percent anonymous. So, please: Take a moment right now, and go to wetoday.com/ renew to ensure we have your correct email address on f le, and while you're at it, renew your (always free!) subscription, so that you won't miss the State of the Industry Report in the Summer 2015 issue, or any issues af er that. You can turn to page 27 of this issue to learn a bit more about the State of the Industry Survey and, as always, feel free to email me with any suggestions for questions that would provide valuable information for you. T ank you in advance for your participation, and we look forward to sharing this valuable marketing intelligence with you, so that you and your store may continue to prosper. Susan L. Ebert, Associate Publisher & Editor sebert@wetoday.com

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