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JANUARY 2016 41 For your nearest dealer: 800•347•0033 More 2 K Grey at www.IntrepidIntl.com Feel Better Ride Better ntrepid I I nternational 2KGrey offers serious riding clothes that are sturdy in the saddle yet slimming, stunning and sophisticated everywhere else. Each detail, from the pocket shape to seam placement is designed to enhance a woman's silhouette. The collection is machine washable and proudly designed in the USA. 9 styles of jeans to choose from. Sizes 24"-38" in 1" increments. horses and riders of all disciplines. I think the VHRC has become really popular for attendees because the race is so unpredict- able. You can't know how any horse and rider team will perform until they're on the course, and a lot of unexpected things happen. Riders in the audience can also envision how they would approach the obstacles, imagine how they and their horses would do, and empathize with the contestants as their horses succeed at some obstacles and fall short at others. And, as the producer of an event devoted to education, we believe the VHRC has an important educational component because those who attend learn a lot by observing the diferent approaches that contestants take in tackling the same obstacles." Equine Afaire's Versatile Horse & Rider Competition is open to all riders age 18 years and older and horses of all breeds and disciplines. All horse and rider teams will compete against each other; there will be no "divisions" based on gender or age. A maxi- mum of only 25 horse/rider teams will be pre-selected based on application materials submitted. Te VHRC course will feature a combi- nation of traditional and very unique riding obstacles and patterns set in the 90' x 212' arena of the Ohio Expo Center coliseum. Te obstacles may include jumping over or through structures, backing through a pat- tern, pole bending and/or roll backs, gait changes, various gymkhana games, ground tying, working gates, and riding over or through difcult or spooky objects. The performance of each horse and rider team will be judged on each obstacle for both quality of horsemanship and tim- ing. Performance points will be awarded on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the rider's horsemanship, the horse's attitude, and the team's overall performance for each obstacle. Horses and riders will be required to complete the course within a given time. Any contestant who fails to meet this time limit will be disqualifed. Ride times will be translated into points, and the team with the highest overall point score will be the winner. Te judge for this year's competi- tion will be champion reiner and all-around trainer, Warwick Schiller, of Hollister, Cali- fornia. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top four contestants, with the frst-place team receiving $2,500 and the title of Versatile Horse & Rider Competition Champion, and the second-, third- and fourth-place teams receiving $1,750, $1,000 and $250, respectively. Ribbons will be presented to the top 10 teams, and additional awards will be announced prior to the event. All awards will be presented at the conclusion of the race on Friday afernoon. To obtain all of the details on the VHRC and an entry form, visit equineafaire.com, click on the Ohio event and "Participate" links to access the VHRC page, or contact Kristen Gump at (740) 845-0085, ext. 104 or kgump@equineafaire.com. DMC Names Eva Walsh to EVP Position DALLAS – Dallas Market Center has named Eva Walsh as executive vice presi- dent of marketing and leasing. In her new position, Walsh will lead the teams and the strategies to both promote Dallas Market Center as a global trade destination and to enhance its portfolio of leading manu- facturers exhibiting the latest lifestyle products inside the 5-million-square-foot, open-daily marketplace. Walsh now oversees teams responsible for leasing permanent and temporary space across all product categories as well as marketing communications, retail develop- ment, travel and market services. "We are aligning the sales and market- ing initiatives under Eva's leadership in Eva Walsh INDUSTRY NEWS

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