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14 Western & English Today FALL 2016 AMANDA, RACHEL, AND MANDA THE TURQUOISE TEEPEE T he three bloggers of e Turquoise Teepee come together on- line from their home states of Texas, Arizona, and California. Amanda Richardson, Rachel McGinn, and Amanda "Manda" John- ston are fellow fashion lovers-turned-friends who have built a blog that melds their style style differences and similarities seamlessly. And their 20,000 Instagram followers must like what they see. "People want style ideas so they start following," Amanda Rich- ardson says of their success as Instagram fashionistas. She cites the positive feedback of people who introduce themselves in person aer recognizing the girls from the blog as indicators of their own growth. e girls of e Turquoise Teepee are all creative types who joined forces to provide fashion finds and ideas to followers. ey seem to balance out the blog content duties naturally. e three trendsetters' tenden- cies vary slightly, perhaps based on their geography, but they all offer a modern take on Western fashion. All three like eclectic styles and pairing vintage classics with a mixture of other pieces and brands. And they all work to keep things interesting and fresh but not too trendy or "tacky," from their minimalist Instagram photo editing to their wardrobe choices. "I don't want to invest in a piece if I'm not going to want to wear it next month when the style has changed," Amanda says. One trend she and the other girls can get behind is topping your outfit off with a hat. "We all definitely love the hats right now," Amanda says. "Everybody had that rule about no felts aer Easter, and I think this year it's kind of changed a little bit, and nobody wants to put the felts away if it's cool enough." www.theturquoiseteepee.com BRIANNA HALL BIGBEE THE BLEACHER BABE I t doesn't get more Southern belle than Brianna Hall Bigbee. But what most defines this Alabama-based fashionista is her status as a "girl boss" entrepreneur and the creator of e Bleacher Babe. No, the name of her blog doesn't refer to her frosted blonde locks. It comes from Brianna's role as a supportive wife, who would spend her weekends in the grandstands cheering on her professional cow- boy husband. "e only time I would get to play dress up was in the bleachers, videoing runs," she says. "I noticed how the fashion trends were taking off in the rodeo stands. I thought it would be great to capture women's styles of the West and bring it back home." She credits much of her success to the popularity of the buy/sell Facebook group "e Bleacher Babe's Closet," where women can shop fashions for less. e group is now almost 20,000 members strong and offers upscale Western clothing, both new and used. On her blog, Brianna features style ideas and tips, as well as other "girl bosses," and cites the relationships she's made as a high- light to her fashion adventure. Now she wants to give back, using her knowledge and skills to offer new opportunities to up-and- comers. "I created e Bleacher Babe Squad in July 2016 to not only help new bloggers with a step up," she says, "but also gain followers for their blog, offer them sponsors such as Wrangler, [and] Ivy Jane, to name a few, and hopefully open the door for job opportunities in the Western fashion industry." Brianna says cross promo- tion is key in navigating social media, and it has far-reach- ing effects on the industry as a whole. "e more we grow in the blogging world, the more the Western industry grows it- self, and the more sales go up. [It's] just really [about] bringing light to the Western industry." www.bleacherbabe.com GO-TO ACCESSORY A clutch; it adds a pop of color to any outfit BOOTS Ankle "shorty" style LIFE(STYLE) ICON John Wayne and Audrey Hepburn #THETURQUOISETEEPEE GO-TO ACCESSORY Leather and Vodka bags BOOTS Old Gringo LIFE(STYLE) ICON e Buckaroo Girl #THEBLEACHERBABE

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