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FALL 2016 Western & English Today 35 WHY 'GRAM? "Instagram seems to be so much easier for people to see our posts on. We do about 90 percent more business on Insta than [Facebook]!" MORGAN MCMILLAN WILLIS Chica Chula Boutique, @chicachulaboutique "I like how Instagram uses photos as first impressions. You see a picture you like, then you read the caption. It is easier to catch a potential customer's eye." KINDAL NAY Turquoise Gypsy Boutique, @turquoise_gypsy_boutique WHO TO FOLLOW "I have so many muses, but my faves are @thebleacherbabe, @misskatyjade, and @thelaurentate. ey all have great style and inspire me every day!" KINDAL NAY Turquoise Gypsy Boutique, @turquoise_gypsy_boutique BONUS TIP "You didn't mention video, but we are seeing a big movement to short video clips. e engagement triples on a video." CHERYL MCMULLEN Double D Ranch, @ddranchwear WHAT MATTERS MOST "e photo is the most important part of a post. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words. I believe that the photo is the first impression for our followers. People may just like the photo and not even read the caption. e photo is the first thing you seen when scrolling through the news feed, so it is really important to have good pictures." MARY MARGARET BUCHHOLZ Cowgirl Kim, @cowgirl_kim GET ENGAGED "We encourage engagement; however, it can be a very time-consuming job to answer and respond to every comment. Tagging key fashion bloggers and #hashtags bring in new fans. We started "Turquoise Tuesday," featuring anything in the color turquoise, and that has been good. On ursdays we do ddittybits (think Double D + ditty +bits), which are inspirational quotes on vintage cowgirl imagery. ese both get re-grammed." CHERYL MCMULLEN Double D Ranch, @ddranchwear SIGNED, SEALED, HASHTAGGED "Besides our company #coralandtusk, our favorite is probably our #coralandtusktravel — this one we use for our signature pocket dolls who have traveled the world and posed in some incredible locations." Coral & Tusk, @coralandtusk CHICA CHULA BOUTIQUE DOUBLE D RANCH

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