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SUMMER 2017 Western & English Today 11 anybody's everyday lives?" Iwersen says. And who better to ask than rodeo's most awarded cowboy himself? Western & English Today: You're a leader in the rodeo industry. What made you want to take this step into fashion? Trevor Brazile: [Ariat's] innovation and atti- tude of 'nothing but perfection' is what excit- ed me. Everything they did just had the right technology behind it, and I just loved seeing what they came up with next. I wanted to have a collaboration with someone that was always trying to be on the edge. Me being the traditionalist in the industry, I wanted to kind of marry the two but not ever get too far off. Make it practical to what we do, to make the tools that we use better — [this] has been my vision throughout everything in Relentless. W&E: You've been very involved in the de- sign process. What has this experience been like for you? Brazile: It's just been so much different than anything that I've done in the past. I've had so much input, and they want to know what each little thing they do, how it affects my job or how it would affect the end athlete. And that's just so refreshing, because it's not just about putting some technology in something and hoping for the best. It doesn't leave there unless it's been tested, and that's what I love. W&E: Speaking of technology, Ariat real- ly studied you and your body movements during this process. What was it like be- ing hooked to electrodes and experiencing something so high-tech? Brazile: It's crazy because that was my first taste of the [research and design] of Ari- at, and it was really eye opening to say the least. I had really liked their Dual Pro soles in their boots. It combined the two, leather and rubber soles, and I had really liked that, but that wasn't good enough for them. ey wanted me to take that sole and perfect it for what I do. So we had data from just riding, to heading, to heeling, to roping calves, how [the boot] reacted in the sand, how it react- ed in the stirrup. ey gave us resistance where we needed it and took it away where we didn't in the stirrup, so it really made the perfect riding sole. W&E: Tell us what happened when you were testing out the boot in competition. Brazile: at was pretty unique. I was to- wards the latter part of my career ... at 39 years old. I tied the arena record at the Na- tional Finals in Las Vegas at 6.5 in the tie- down roping, and [the boot] was the only thing that I had changed previously. It's just neat having equipment that's made for what you do. W&E: Beyond the boots, what is your favor- ite thing about the Relentless apparel? Brazile: ey had the wrinkle-free shirts that were great, and then they had the Ariat Pro. We changed a few things about the shirts, and that's where we came up with the Relent- less. It has a wrinkle resistant treatment and SPF, because I myself have had issues with skin cancer on my shoulder, because I'm out in the sun all day and it really brought the UV protection to life for me. So it was really important in having that with the Relentless line, because it's for cowboys. It's got a pro- tected gusset underneath your arm for more mobility. It's probably three times the mobil- ity of any other gusset in the industry that I've seen, so that helps keep your shirt tucked in while you're doing whatever equestrian activity you may be doing. "[Ariat's] innovation and attitude of 'nothing but perfection' is what excited me. Everything they did just had the right technology behind it, and I just loved seeing what they came up with next. I wanted to have a collaboration with someone that was always trying to be on the edge." — Trevor Brazile

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