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SUMMER 2017 6 Western & English Today ONLINE CHATTER Conquering "The Social Network" can be a challenge. We've asked our panel of digital media experts to share what they've seen work and what they've seen change on this dominant platform. FACEBOOK We have found that our audience is diff erent than other social media platforms, so it continues to be helpful in engaging with a diff erent type of customer. Facebook defi nitely has the advantage of broader media sharing with press articles or online features, and general web content sharing is unique to Facebook. ALIJA CRAYCROFT Content and Brand Manager, Coral & Tusk Facebook has rolled out a Buy Button as a test that allows consumers to purchase products directly from the Facebook page instead of having to travel to the website. It's a great tool for retailers that are uncertain about building an ecommerce site, giving them a chance to experience online sales without making a big investment of time and money. is tool also provides instant consumer gratifi cation and can give a nice boost to sales. ANDREW TORCHON Media Marketing Manager, Scully Obviously our fan base has grown as well as Facebook users. e biggest shi I have seen is that originally FB was more youth driven. Now, it is defi nitely an older/[more mature] demographic. e younger demographic has moved on to other platforms. CHERYL MCMULLEN Creative Director, Double D Ranch Join our network of retailers and manufacturers to share important tidbits or pose your own questions about navigating digital media platforms.

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