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36 Western & English Today TENER'S BOOTS Oklahoma and Texas | 30-40 employees 5 stores "We like to operate in more of a family or team atmosphere. When one does good, we all do good. We like to share in the successes and through the tough times, we're all in it together. We're very lenient on scheduling and those types of things. In this industry, the majority of the employees, with our store as well as others, they all have some tie to the Western industry, so it's a part of what they do on a daily basis and we just get to bring that to our customers." —Mike Hughes, Chief Operations Officer CAVENDER'S Nationwide | 1,800 employees 80 stores "Over the past 16 months, we have created new training materials for our managers and district managers: videos on 'how to,' onboarding plans, and checklists. We have recently implemented a new Hi-Po program (high potential). We are interviewing our staff and identifying areas of opportunity. We are then helping them focus training on areas needed for future growth. Our associates appreciated the program and have now asked for the program to be extended to all positions." —Monica Rattay, Vice President of Operations ROCKMOUNT RANCH WEAR Denver, Colorado | 20 employees 1 flagship store "We're a family business here, always have been, going back 71 years started by my grandfather, so we, by nature, have a close-knit relationship with everyone who works here. When people get married, we go. Everybody is on a first-name basis. Traditionally, we have very long-term employees, some having worked their entire careers here. We had one employee until recently who was in his 90s. My grandfather worked until he was 107. Everything here is about personal contact. at is our secret weapon, and it comes through brilliantly." —Steve Weil, President Tips & Tactics Make a plan to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention with these helpful pointers. The Greater Good Connect employees to the company mis- sion. According to Gallup's 2017 State of the American Workplace Report, em- ployees desire a sense of meaning in their work. For example, you might emphasize the principles of the Western way of life by arranging a volunteer day at an equine rescue organization or encouraging par- ticipation on a rodeo committee. Oppor- tunities to connect employees directly to the Western lifestyle are also opportuni- ties for employees to discover what they have in common with the customer. e "big picture" can be a point of inspiration. Encourage Education Offer proper training and extensive learn- ing opportunities for employees. e Council for Adult and Experiential Learn- ing says when employers invest in em- ployee learning, it strengthens the entire company's future prospects for success. ese could be regularly sharing instruc- tional and motivational videos, support- ing attendance at conferences, or provid- ing in-person training that empowers the role of the employee. According to CAEL, lifelong learning and career expansion op- portunities relate directly to an employee's overall loyalty and retention. Constant Communication Meet and exchange feedback consistently to ensure everyone—leadership, management, employees—are on the same page. Lyndsey Silva, learning and development manager at Ariat, says her company hosts monthly

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