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earching for, and ultimately fi nding, the right fi t for any position can be daunting. However, recruiting quality candidates during the hiring process is integral to business success, and it's important to attract and retain valuable employees. As Deloitte cites in its 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report, "A strong employee experience also drives a strong customer experience." Some — and probably most — in the retail industry might argue that customer experience is the most important factor in this sector. Specifi cally in the Western and English markets, employees who can match their company's brand and products to the lifestyle of their shoppers have the ability to augment sales and bolster organizational success. e question is, how do you fi nd these capable individuals? To help answer that, we've gathered a few tips and tricks to identify who is a solid candidate and who is not. en, once you've found the perfect new hire, we have some advice on how to keep them. STAFFING YOUR STORE T H E R I G H T H I R E By Lindsay Whelchel S I N D U S T R Y N O T E S Here's what some retailers look for in the hiring process. DUBARRY OF IRELAND 3 locations | 105 employees "The most important thing for us is that the person shares our genuine passion and excitement for the brand, and that they are naturally wired to get satisfaction from helping customers. We think that selling the Dubarry brand should be an organic and infectious experience, which can only be created by fostering pride in the brand and enjoyment in being part of the team." Danny Hulse, General Manager, U.S. Operations PINTO RANCH 4 locations | 45 employees "Those that show up with a résumé, those that show up prepared, those are the people that stand out, and the ones that stand out are the ones that have a really great disposition. They're very friendly, because those are our frontline people. If they're really nervous in an interview , they're going to be really nervous talking to customers." Bea Garcia, Director of Marketing KEMO SABE 3 locations | 35 employees "The biggest thing that we look for is confi dence, because our store is very unique in that we're a lot about entertaining our clients, so our people need to have a ton of confi dence." Wendy Kunkle, President 22 Western & English Today SUMMER 2018

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